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Hello. I'm Patrick.


I’m a counselor, healer, and spiritual guide. My purpose is take you beyond spiritual awakening to embodying the deepest love and knowledge of Being, to live your greatest potential for Happiness and heal any blocks that stand in your way. I am a certified clinical counsellor and Graduate of the Cura Institute of Integrated Learning.

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This course is for anyone who would like to discover and learn the secrets of lasting happiness. So whether you have struggled with feelings of unhappiness, unworthiness, or depression in your life, or want to get off the treadmill of accomplishing goals and still being unsatisfied afterwards, this course has been designed for you.

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Weekly Teaching Zoom Meetings

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These meetings provide an opportunity to receive direct spiritual guidance, as well as to interact directly with the Teacher afterwards in a Q&A. The sessions provide a unique opportunity for spiritual growth through this direct interaction, and to also realize to gain perspective on your own journey through listening to other’s experiences and questions.

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Starting on March 5, 2022, Awaken to Infinite Potential & Happiness.

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Patrick is a Certified Clinical Counselor who has been helping people, couples and families for twenty years.

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Meditation Weekend Intensive (May 6-8, 2022)

For lasting happiness, realize the deepest Peace of their nature.

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