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Specializing in Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Conspiracy Theory & Substance Addictions, and Couples Therapy

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About Me

Pat Bermel is a Certified Clinical Counselor who has been helping people, couples and families for twenty years.

Do negative beliefs, anxiety, depression, addiction, or relationship issues cloud your potential for happiness, success and spiritual fulfillment? Are you or your partner feeling overwhelmed or depressed? Are you seeking answers in your relationship, career, or life? Or just wanting to feel good about yourself, and be at peace with things? We often hear the phrase "self-love" but what does it mean, and how do we achieve it?  If you have any of those questions, let's work together to free your innate strength, wisdom, and joy. It's time to have the life you deserve. Private counseling in-person or on Zoom.

Pat Bermel

How Therapy Works

 In the first couple of sessions, we will talk about where you come from, where you are currently, and where you may want to go in the future. As a nonjudgmental presence, I am compassionate, understanding, and supportive. As we get to know each other week by week, we will organically create a flow of how our sessions will go, always knowing that this will change and evolve. We may start or end the session with a guided mindfulness meditation. We may simply talk through your concerns. I will encourage you to connect to your body sensations in a way that feels comfortable and natural for you. I will empower you to take your learning home, to integrate the skills into your daily life. I often give at home practice and suggest relevant books or podcasts.

Marriage and Relationship Therapist

How Therapy Helps


You've been wondering about seeing a therapist, but you're not sure if it's worth it or you need it. Therapy may seem unnecessary, selfish, or frivolous to you. Psychotherapy is not just for people with severe mental health issues. You also don’t need to have had a traumatic childhood, battle with addiction, experienced failed relationships, or had unsuccessful school or job experiences. It’s also a great opportunity to understand yourself, your patterns, your insecurities, and most likely discover something about yourself you did not know before. But in the therapeutic relationship, you are given an opportunity to heal relational wounds and learn valuable skills. The benefit of seeing a licensed therapist weekly further enhances the normal human desire to evolve and grow.

My Approach

Life is a gift you long to appreciate.

When you embrace life and feel fully alive, you’re able to weather life’s ups and downs. Your relationships replenish you because you’re a full participant. Your life makes sense. You carry an image of this life in your heart. In couples, addiction, and individual counseling with me, we will embark on a collaborative journey to make that image your reality. Together we’ll identify breaks in easy functioning and seek ways to repair them. Although there are many medical ways to talk about psychological difficulties, I prefer to work organically, helping you befriend your inner self and find your personal path to a meaningful and happy life. I accompany you, easing your journey by sharing what I’ve learned about emotions, relationships, and the workings of the brain.

Zoom & Phone Counseling

($100 per session)


Online Video counseling has grown in popularity due to COVID-19 and allows me to offer more flexible counseling hours without geographical restrictions. You can connect with me from your own home or wherever you are. This means that, even if you're traveling for business, we can meet without you having to miss an appointment. Use our online appointment scheduling system to book an appointment. I offer individual, couples, family support, and group counseling sessions in virtual (online) and in-person socially-distanced formats. You are not alone. Let's talk.

Zoom & Phone Counseling

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